Radar App proves its effectiveness in combating real-world crime. We view this installation as the best indication of our platform’s use case and potential.
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In Benito Juarez, from 2019-2022, RADAR App/VSBLTY software was installed on 3,700 cameras containing the full suite of services available on our platform, RADAR APP, RADAR GUARD (Connect) and RADAR SYNC. In addition, the downloadable App was made available to the entire population of Benito Juarez, reflecting a truly community-based approach to security.

The installation of the RADAR App/VSBLTY security solution in Benito Juarez was a significant part of the BLINDARBJ (ShieldBJ) program, a comprehensive program established by Mayor Santiago Taboada and the Directorate of Citizen Security and Crime Prevention to combat crime at its root.

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Crime Reduction


Lic. Mario Enrique Sanchez Flores, the Executive of the Coordination of Governance office of the Benito Juarez municipality, noted a direct impact on more than 200 incidents of high-impact crimes since 2019, generating a constant reduction in criminal events.

He credits the ShieldBJ program, and the effectiveness of the RADAR App/VSBLTY security solution in assisting the Benito Juarez municipality to achieve a 45% reduction in incidences of high-impact crimes, and an increase in the community perception of security from 51% to 72%, positioning Benito Juarez as the second-highest in the perception of security at the national level and the highest within Mexico City for more than a year.